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Daddy and Me Children's Book

An independent toddler get's easily frustrated when he struggles do something for himself and loudly declares "Its not working Daddy, its not working".

Each time his patient and tolerable father coaches him through his frustrations. In the meanwhile the father and son book helps toddlers learn patience, focus, tips and tricks to taking off their shoes, putting on their shirt, ridding their bike, falling off their scooter, using the TV remote, catching the ball, kicking the ball, putting on their backpack and the many trials and tribulations that a growing toddler experience on daily basis.

A fun, engaging and informative read good for bedtime or any other time.
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Astronauts: A Kid's Guide is a wonderful and refreshing introduction for kids to Astronauts, rockets, planets, Aliens, Spaceship and space. It works as an amazing bedtime story or adventure book to entertain their imagination.
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A Pirate's life seen through the eyes of kids who declare all the many reasons why they want to be a Pirate when they grow up. Within these beautiful and colorful pages is the perfect bed time story for dreamy toddlers who are ready to have one last adventure before saying goodnight. Fun poetic words with imaginary images tells a story of all the cool things about being a Pirate. ARRRR!

My Amazing Skin

Human Body For Kids Vol. 3

Guaranteed to delight and educate your young ones about their amazing skin.

In this beautifully illustrated children's book Kids learn all about their amazing skin and everything that it does for their human body. Skin is waterproof and dirt proof. Skin protects us from the hot and from the cold. When skin gets cut it heals itself like magic. Skin is amazing in so many ways.

Available in eBook and Paperback Editions

Oprah Winfrey

Here is what people are saying
This is the #blackgirlmagic story of Oprah inspiring young girls to be great!

The incredibly accomplished media mogul did not always have the life of her dreams. Oprah grew up extremely poor on a farm town in the South where her family had to make her dress from old potato sacks.

But Oprah had a gift and that was a talent for speaking. Oprah eventually used her gift to change the world and create the life of her dreams.

This is the story about the girl who would grow up to be Oprah.

I started creating my own comic books when I was 13 years old and it was my dream to be a comic book creator when I grow up. 


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