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Name: Hip-Hop B-Boy
Real Name: Justice Boltlin
Age: 8 Years Old
Height:  4 Feet 7 inches
Weight:  55 lbs
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Groups Affiliation: The Kemet Kids
History:  Justice is a totally awesome breakdancer, talented Rapper and amazing spray painter. Justice comes from a musical family his mom was a Singer and his Dad a Jazz musician. He has a passion for history and a big imagination.
Abilities: Justice is a  gifted acrobat and and fluent in all kinds of street dance especially Breakdancing and Capoeira.
Appearances: First appears in It's a Hip Hop Hip Hop World - Children's Book  My Amazing Muscles - Children's Book (Coming Soon)

Hip-Hop B-Boy Cartoon Character Children's Book

Hip-Hop B-Boy Cartoon Character Children's Book

Hip-Hop B-Boy Cartoon Character Children's Book

Hip-Hop B-Boy Cartoon Character Children's Book

Available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle

This is a story about overcoming obstacles and doubters by believing in yourself. The boyhood story of NBA basketball superstar Stephen Curry is an inspiring story of heart and determination to become one of the best as a regular sized guy in the sport of giants. 

Steph was once a little boy who had a dream to be a professional basketball player just like his Dad. 

But all his life many people told him that he was too small and too weak to ever be a pro. This is the story of how a young boy using fierce focus, practice and will power went against the odds to prove his doubters wrong and become one of the biggest superstars in basketball today.

This Beautifully illustrated rhyming children's book will inspire, entertain and bring joy to little boys, girls and parents everywhere.

In this book children will learn:
- An example of how determination can help you achieve your goals
- Than size isn't everything you don't have to be the biggest or strongest to be the best 
- Practice makes perfect and hard work pays off
- To believe in them yourself even when everyone else don't
- The importance of having strong self confidence 
- How to be patient and achieve long term success in life

Get a copy today for your son, daughter, nieces, nephew or grandchild.

A New Spin On an Old Classic

Goldilocks and The Three Bears  Fresh Retelling teaches valuable lessons to kids About Hunger, Adoption and Family

Buy Now In Paperback Read Free With Kindle Unlimited 

A fresh retelling of the famous old folk tale with new twists and new lessons to be learned. This delightfully illustrated story finds Goldilocks, a very, very hungry orphan in search of food and a family.

In this book children will learn the following:

-The importance of sharing 
-About family issues such as adoption 
-About food issues such as hunger 
-About family unit working together

Available now in  Paperback and Kindle 

This is a story about NBA basketball superstar Lebron James's life as a boy to the man he has become today. Lebron has been a King on the basketball court since high school. But life wasn't always so rich for King James. 

Life started out hard for Lebron he was once a little boy born to a poor single mother. It was a real struggle before Lebron found a stable home where he could attend school regularly, wear nice clothes and eat a proper meals. 

One day a coach saw Lebron playing with his friends and asked the boys to race. It was that day that Lebron discovered his athletic talent that eventually led into him becoming one of the greatest high school phenoms in the world of sports. 

Lebron became a pro basketball player right after graduating high school and has been "King James" ever since. But even as a pro Lebron faced more adversity learning how to win before becoming a champion. 

This Beautifully illustrated rhyming children's book will inspire, entertain and bring joy to little boys, girls and parents with every read. 

In this book children will learn: 

-How to overcome adversity 
-How to never give up even when things look bleak 
-The importance of being an unselfish person and caring about others 
-The importance of practice, patience and discipline 

Get a copy today for your son, daughter, nieces, nephew or grandchild below.

Ata and The Magic Potty: A Children's Story Book About Early Potty Training

Ata, a smart and adorable toddler is curious about what he thinks is a new toy his mother has brought home for him called a Potty. 

He want’s to play with it but he doesn’t know how, his mother and big sister encourages him to take a seat and wait for the magic to happen. The idea of making magic happen entices the little guy but he is still a little scared and unsure about using his new potty. In the process of asking lots of questions and investigating his new potty Ata learns how to make the magic happen on his potty all by himself. 

The beautifully depicted illustrations and cute characters promises adorable fun and laughter along with a good bedtime story. Get your little one’s mind ready to tackle the new and exciting, yet sometimes challenging and frustrating venture of potty training. 

It's a Hip Hop Hip Hop World
For Every B-Boy and B-Girl
HIP-HOP Children's Book
Rap, B-boy, Beatbox, Breakdance, Spray Paint, Money Making, Black History
or many of us who was born between 1965-1984 Hip Hop had a huge influence on us growing up. By now, most of us have become parents and we may not listen to much of today's Rap Music. However, we have to admire the incredible affect Hip Hop had on us and the world in just a couple generations. Any art form that has the power to change the world that quickly must contains valuable lessons and powerful antidote.

The Story
Hip Hop B-boy and Hip Hop B-girl (Yes that's their names) have a problem, they are broke and it's not a joke. They know they can do so much more even though they are poor, they believe in themselves even if the world says no.

They needed to express ourselves so we dug deep into our souls to reveal a culture that the world would forever know. 

The name of this culture is called Hip Hop.

Now, they are on a mission to overcome poverty and change the world by harnessing the power of our Hip Hop art and culture.
Written in rhyming style
Features full landscape illustration
This book is a great bedtime story read
Kids enjoy the cool characters
Incredible story and awesome rhymes.
Book Features

Beautiful illustrations.

Hip Hop Swag.



Made for kids, designed to be loved by parents.
Written using advanced vocabulary for the child's development.
Big book (8.5 x 8.5 inches).
High quality print.
Vivid Colors
High Quality Paperback book
Book Benefits: For Children
  • How to overcome adversity.
  • How to use creative ideas to solve problems.
  • The power of believing in themselves
  • How not to be discourage by disappointment.
  • The concept that everything physical starts out being mental.
  • How to realize their desires through critical thinking and persistence.
  • The concept of creating value through their idea.
  • The importance of understanding business.
  • Hip Hop History.
  • The evolution of Hip Hop.
  • An example of African American history "black history" and cultural contribution to the world.
Kids are never too young to begin learning these lessons.
4.4/5 Stars with awesome customer reviews 
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