Step 1 

Select 3-6 books for a 1 hour trip to home depot or wherever.

Step 2

Let them choose which book they want to read in the order they choose.

Step 3

On the way there they can read 1-3 and on the way back they read 1-3 depending on how quickly they are reading. 

(TIP#1: let them read the same book multiple times see the improvement with each read.)

Step 4

When they get stuck on a word have them spell the word for you since you need to keep eyes on the road. 

(TIP#2: there will be a little frustration when they get stuck on a word so have them move from problem to solution by spelling the words they are stuck on).

Step 5

Enjoy their progress as reading improves.

(TIP#3: Play a little background music, something without vocals, like a little chill hop music on YouTube or Spotify)