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In this beautifully illustrated children's book we find the boy who grew up to become President Barack Obama. The story finds Barack a young boy with a Kenyan Father Dad and American Mom this made him different than the other kids. Young Barack's biracial identity coupled with his unique sounding name made him a target for teasing. 

His childhood was filled with diversity from his time living in Hawaii, Washington State where he grew close with his grandparents from Kansas. It wasn't long before he was thrust into a new family unit made up of his Indonesian stepfather and half-sister. As Barack grew up he made it to New York City for College and the Chicago which would end up becoming his adult home where he met and married Michelle Obama, Fathered two daughters, became a Senator and then President of the United States. 

A very unlikely ending to a whirlwind of a life where we can see where his ideas for diversity, hope, change, and optimism comes from children will enjoy reading about this great American.

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