Henry The Hornet 

A Kids Book Anger

This Level Three I Can Read Kids book is perfect for children learning to read all by themselves. For the Level 3 reader, this book features more complex stories, challenging vocabulary, and engaging plots for the child to read alone.

Henry The Hornet is about a young Hornet who is very angry. He's mad and he is quick to sting. He's been angry for a long time! Henry Hornet always seems to have a bad day, it starts off sad, gets tougher throughout the day, and ends with a bang every time.

Old habits are hard to change but what happens when one angry little hornet has an aha moment and realizes that he is caught in a vicious cycle with himself, and what if, just maybe he could decide to be another way. Could he be happy? Henry The Hornet who stirred up my nest: is a funny and touching tale that proves to us the amazing transformative power of choice, will power, and that we all can change when you feel angry and sad.