Luke & Luka Genius Heroes

Best New Science Fiction Book for Kids (Ages 8–12)

Sci-Fi Fiction for 3rd Grade to Middle School readers

Genius kids twin team Luke & Luka, Erik & Erika, George & Georgia are students at Kemet Elementary school. Each twin is born with a unique genius ability.

But something strange is going on in their town Mr. Fearwell the CEO of Transhuman Corp. is unleashing an army of genetically and technologically enhanced kids for their rich and famous parents.
All these enhanced kids go to A.1 Prep. But something is off with these the kids from A.I. Prep they are just too perfect. Our Genius Kid Heroes will have to find out what it is.

The battle for the future of humanity begins as our heroes led by three sets of twins face off against the evil Transhuman Corp and their designer kids. Who will control the future? Organic humans or enhanced humans merged with technology?