Jack and The Beanstalk: Classic Storybook

Fable Retold: Giant Alien Adventure

JACK AND THE BEANSTALK: Classic Storybook Fable Retold and Reimagined: Featuring 60 pages of captivating illustrations, full color 8.5" x 8.5" storybook tells the classic of Jack as he sold his family cow for some magic beans to the disappointment of his mother. But what really happens when the magic beans actually work know by magic but through technology. The Beans are actually teleportation devices that beam Jack beyond the clouds and unto a giant spaceship.

CLASSIC STORY: RETOLD FAIRY TALE WITH UPDATED ETHICAL STANDARDS: This classic tale captures a child's interest, page after page, as they take their imagination on a magical journey through timeless stories and adventures. In the original story, Jack climbs up the beanstalk and steals from the Giant. First, Jack steals his gold, then Jack steals his hen that lays golden eggs, and Jack also steals the Giant's Magic harp. At no point in the original story is does Jack's mother let him know that it is not OK to steal. Jack is not told to take the things back that he stole and neither Jack or his mother apologies for what they have done. The original story implies that it is OK to steal from the Giant and ultimately cause his death because he is a Giant. We have fixed this moral dilemma in this fresh retold version of the class fairy tale.