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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Potty Training Story Book Preps Toddlers For Potty Time

Ata and The Magic Potty: A Children's Story Book About Early Potty Training

Ata, a smart and adorable toddler is curious about what he thinks is a new toy his mother has brought home for him called a Potty. 

He want’s to play with it but he doesn’t know how, his mother and big sister encourages him to take a seat and wait for the magic to happen. The idea of making magic happen entices the little guy but he is still a little scared and unsure about using his new potty. In the process of asking lots of questions and investigating his new potty Ata learns how to make the magic happen on his potty all by himself. 

The beautifully depicted illustrations and cute characters promises adorable fun and laughter along with a good bedtime story. Get your little one’s mind ready to tackle the new and exciting, yet sometimes challenging and frustrating venture of potty training. 

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