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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hip Hop History Gets a Story Book

It's a Hip Hop Hip Hop World
For Every B-Boy and B-Girl
HIP-HOP Children's Book
Rap, B-boy, Beatbox, Breakdance, Spray Paint, Money Making, Black History
or many of us who was born between 1965-1984 Hip Hop had a huge influence on us growing up. By now, most of us have become parents and we may not listen to much of today's Rap Music. However, we have to admire the incredible affect Hip Hop had on us and the world in just a couple generations. Any art form that has the power to change the world that quickly must contains valuable lessons and powerful antidote.

The Story
Hip Hop B-boy and Hip Hop B-girl (Yes that's their names) have a problem, they are broke and it's not a joke. They know they can do so much more even though they are poor, they believe in themselves even if the world says no.

They needed to express ourselves so we dug deep into our souls to reveal a culture that the world would forever know. 

The name of this culture is called Hip Hop.

Now, they are on a mission to overcome poverty and change the world by harnessing the power of our Hip Hop art and culture.
Written in rhyming style
Features full landscape illustration
This book is a great bedtime story read
Kids enjoy the cool characters
Incredible story and awesome rhymes.
Book Features

Beautiful illustrations.

Hip Hop Swag.



Made for kids, designed to be loved by parents.
Written using advanced vocabulary for the child's development.
Big book (8.5 x 8.5 inches).
High quality print.
Vivid Colors
High Quality Paperback book
Book Benefits: For Children
  • How to overcome adversity.
  • How to use creative ideas to solve problems.
  • The power of believing in themselves
  • How not to be discourage by disappointment.
  • The concept that everything physical starts out being mental.
  • How to realize their desires through critical thinking and persistence.
  • The concept of creating value through their idea.
  • The importance of understanding business.
  • Hip Hop History.
  • The evolution of Hip Hop.
  • An example of African American history "black history" and cultural contribution to the world.
Kids are never too young to begin learning these lessons.
4.4/5 Stars with awesome customer reviews 
Check it out here

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