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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Lebron James Get's His Own Children's Book

Available now in  Paperback and Kindle 

This is a story about NBA basketball superstar Lebron James's life as a boy to the man he has become today. Lebron has been a King on the basketball court since high school. But life wasn't always so rich for King James. 

Life started out hard for Lebron he was once a little boy born to a poor single mother. It was a real struggle before Lebron found a stable home where he could attend school regularly, wear nice clothes and eat a proper meals. 

One day a coach saw Lebron playing with his friends and asked the boys to race. It was that day that Lebron discovered his athletic talent that eventually led into him becoming one of the greatest high school phenoms in the world of sports. 

Lebron became a pro basketball player right after graduating high school and has been "King James" ever since. But even as a pro Lebron faced more adversity learning how to win before becoming a champion. 

This Beautifully illustrated rhyming children's book will inspire, entertain and bring joy to little boys, girls and parents with every read. 

In this book children will learn: 

-How to overcome adversity 
-How to never give up even when things look bleak 
-The importance of being an unselfish person and caring about others 
-The importance of practice, patience and discipline 

Get a copy today for your son, daughter, nieces, nephew or grandchild below.

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