You Can Do it! 

Children's Book about doing new things 
and overcoming the frustration of failure.

Benny and Jenny are delightful bunny siblings who love to be active, they are all about trying new things and practicing and trying again until they learn how to do new things. In this episode, Benny Bunny is so excited as he awaits the delivery of his new red bike.

Benny is faced with frustrations as he realizes that his new bike must be put together before he can ride. No problem Benny reads the instructions and puts his new bike together. Now its time to ride it but his bike won't do what he wants it to do and he keeps falling off. Frustrated and ready to give up Jenny his sister gives him some encouragement that he can do it and try again.

Finally, Benny is happy again as he overcomes his challenges and learns to ride his new bike. Benny challenges his sister to race around the park. In this level 1, beginners reading books we use short sentences, repetitive vocabulary, and simple concepts to help young readers.