Venus and Serena Williams: Tennis Superstars 

This is the story of Venus and Serena Williams two simple girls from Compton California who grew up to be the most famous tennis players in the world. The Williams sisters accomplished the dream of their father Mr. Williams who had a dream that his girls grow up to be professional tennis players he trained them from childhood to play tennis. The sisters become Grand Slam title winners and both were ranked as the Number One tennis player in the world both as singles and doubles competitions! They won Olympic gold medals, cash, and prizes that changed their lives forever. But all their success and triumphs did not come easy the girls had to train hard and practice everyday to sharpen their talents. They faced bullying and people saying mean things about them, draw ugly cartoons of them and wear insulting costumes to imitate them. but the Venus and Serena Willaims never gave up they just keep smiling and winning. In this fully illustrated children's book we are inspired by their story to smile at all our haters and just keep winning. Enjoy this vibrant story in a beautiful heroic comic book style that promises to be an inspiring and exciting read.

Paperback $12.95 Kindle Edition $2.99

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